Cheryl Todd Shergold of Alberta, Canada is a visual artist specializing in canvases that speak clearly and directly to others. With a vibrant eye to detail, color, & composition Cheryl always knew her art was inside, ...waiting to come out. A self-taught artist with strong technical skills, Cheryl adores communicating using acrylics, oil and watercolour mediums.

She is currently completing a Certificate specializing in Fine art theory and practice at the University of Calgary. Cheryl has had the pleasure to train under Gene Prokop and Chris Jordan. She enjoys the process of taking a blank canvas into the zone of images which speak with a clarity words cannot. Cheryl's work vibrates with the immediacy of nature; a gift born out of being raised in the mountains of Alberta. Artists John Singer Sargent, Velasquez, and Pino have influenced Cheryl's work although she brings her own unique, deep understanding of colour, and composition to her finished paintings.

Cheryl is an active member of The Federation of Canadian Artists. How would you like Cheryl's artistic aliveness and freshness of vision to grace your walls? All it takes is an email to Cheryl to discuss commissioning the acrylic, oil, or watercolour of your choice into being.

Contact today.

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