Friday, February 26, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

90 Min Quick Study

Being part of painting group (Airdrie Artists Guild) we decided to implement something to spark the fire at our bi-weekly meetings (We meet the second and last Wedensday of every month). We decided to all bring something to set up a collective still life and we would do a 90 minute quick study. What a blast! I thought I had better post pictures of it because I will most likely paint over the canvas to do the next one. It was great to just let go and give 'er! I did realize though, that when painting that quickly, there really is no time for a pencil sketch. I just sketched with my brush and Burnt Umber(Acrylic). I also discovered that painting in acrylic was advantageous because of the quick dry time. I also noticed that when I was painting that quickly I really didn't think about value or temperature - slap me on the wrist. Oh well...there is always next week! It was very cool to see how everyone's came out so differently yet each one was wonderful! Hope you enjoy...

Still Life Set Up

90 Min Still Life Quick Study By Cheryl Todd Shergold