Friday, January 22, 2010

Inspiration and Resolution - The newest subject matter for an art trading card group that I am part of. When I saw the topic I couldn't wait to put brush to canvas. My mind started whirling.
In the first card I called "Inspiration" I wanted to express how inportant it is for us to calm our minds and connect with nature. Ultimately it is our environment that is deserving of respect. The Bindi dot is the sixth chakra and it represents the seat of concealed wisdom. I tried to create a connection with the eye of the sun and the mind. If we all take time to consider our effect left on earth then we might all try to live a little more simply. The fish were placed in the Yin and Yang position to represent mankinds peace with nature.

In the second card I called "Resolution" I wanted to describe the Earth's way of continually repairing itself. It seems that no matter what Life is always born. Ultimately what I feel is that the Earth will be here for much longer than man will survive. If we can learn to respect ourselves, our surroundings and each other then life's renewal shall be there for mankind as well.

Now I just have to decide which one I am going to mail away!
Here is a link to the group that hosts the trading event 4-5 times a year.