Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The Studio is located in Crossfield Alberta at 1102 Laut Avenue. There will be classes offered in the Spring of 2010 for all levels of students. An open house will be held at the end of January 2010.
A month ago I left my oil and gas job to pursue bigger and better things. I decided that life is too short to be wasted behind a desk pushing paper when I knew where my real passions were. I have always loved helping people to find the artist with in themselves. There is no better feeling than seeing someone create something they never believed they could. My partner and I decided that I would come help him run the front end of his engine repair shop and in return I could run my studio "rent free - I might add" out of the shop. I am very pleased with the renovations and have warned him of the possibility that I might have to take over the whole front end shop space - down the road. (That's a woman for you!) I will host an open house in the spring and I will be offering classes as well as selling retail decorative and fine art supplies. I hope that you will all drop by for a cup of java and to check out the classes being offered. I will be updating the website  with the classes being offered in the Spring. Here are some pictures of the studio...


  1. Cheryl. Let me be the first to wish you the best of luck with your new path in life. I will be over for coffee. Ken

  2. Wow, its a fabulous store Cheryl, Hope you are finding the time to paint, love what you are accomplishing and hope to pop in to check it out in person. Good Luck and see you very soon!Tami